Signs of vitamin and minerals deficiency are noted. These are given in tablet form, in natural preparations which the body can absorb easily without strain. Foods containg these missing factors are suggested to be included in the diet. Often an essential item is missing: a common one is unsaturated fatty acids. Often the diet is very high in acid forming foods (meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, grains) and low in alkaline forming foods (fresh raw fruit and vegetables) causing excessive waste buildup in the tissues. Even though adequate cell function can be restored by altering the diet, wastes must be cleared and organs (and often the whole body) revitalized. Often foods are not of sufficient energy content to do this and herbal remedies then find their usage.




Yoga is equanimity in success and failure.

Yoga is skill and efficiency in action.

Yoga is the supreme secret of life.

Yoga is the giver of untold happiness.

Yoga is serenity.

Yoga is the destroyed of pain.