Karma Yoga


Karma yoga is the yoga of action or work. Its aim is to bring about integration, harmony and union through action. It is yogic path that is open to everyone, for we all have to work and perform various activities, whether physical or mental. In fact, it is most suitable for the modern, activity-oriented world and is ideal for those of us who find it easier to do something than nothing, which is everyone, for there is nobody who can do absolutely nothing. It is impossible. There must always be some form of action, even if is sleeping, day dreaming or trying to do nothing. It is through karma yoga that we can start to practice yoga twenty four hours a day utilizing our actions as a means to gain higher awareness.

The Playground of the World

The world of karma, actions, thoughts, situations and circumstances is a testing ground. It is a place where one can find out about oneself. It is a workshop, where the mind-body instrument can be sharpened and made receptive to the influx of higher knowledge and awareness. It is in the world that we can test if the psycho-physical blade needs sharpening. If it is blunt, which is usually the case, it is through the world of everyday experiences that it can be sharpened to cut through the veil of ignorance. The world is to be used as a means to tuning the mind-body complex.


Yoga is equanimity in success and failure.

Yoga is skill and efficiency in action.

Yoga is the supreme secret of life.

Yoga is the giver of untold happiness.

Yoga is serenity.

Yoga is the destroyed of pain.