Kirya Yoga

Kirya yoga is more interested in awareness than concentration. What do we mean by awareness ? By awareness we mean conscious attention of thoughts or of objects, either external or internal, without necessary being onepointed.

Tools of Kriya Yoga

1. Asana (Physical pose).

2.Mudra (external expression of an inner attitude).

3.Bandha (Physio-Phychic locks).

4.Mantra (Special sound pattern which can produce subtle impact and change).

5.Pranayama (Manipulation of breath to control prana).

6.Psychic passage awareness.


1. Vipareeta Karani Mudra.

2. Chakra Anusandhana.

3. Nada Sanchalana.

4. Nada Sanchalana.

5. Shabda Sanchalana.

6. Maha Mudra.

7. Maha Bheda Mudra.

8. Manduki.

9. Tadan Kriya.

10. Naumukhi.

11. Shakti Chalini.

12. Shambhavi.

13. Amrit Pan.

14. Chakra Bhedan.

15. Sushumna Darshana.

16. Prana Ahuti.

17. Utthan.

18. Swaroopa Darshana.

19. Linga Sanchalana.

20. Dhyana.

If you suffer from any serious physical illness, than we strongly suggest that you do not begin kriya yoga at this stage. The fundamental requirement for the practice of kriya yoga is sound health.



Yoga is equanimity in success and failure.

Yoga is skill and efficiency in action.

Yoga is the supreme secret of life.

Yoga is the giver of untold happiness.

Yoga is serenity.

Yoga is the destroyed of pain.